Never Dare a Wicked Earl Excerpt

Renee Ann Miller

So thrilled that not one but the two first chapters from my debut, Never Dare a Wicked Earl, are on RT Book Reviews VIP Salon.

Also, pleased to announce that they gave Never Dare a Wicked Earl a 4 Star review.

Miller debuts with a highly enjoyable start to her Infamous Lords series that beautifully combines humor and poignancy within a battle of wills and wiles. The dialogue moves the well-crafted plot along as the three-dimensional characters steal readers’ hearts. From a bad boy hero, to a feisty heroine, an adorable child and a loveable St. Bernard, this lively tale will tug at your heartstrings. Miller’s talents shines and will keep readers completely engaged.

Never Dare a Wicked Earl with be available January 30, 2018.

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Cover Reveal for Never Deceive a Viscount!

I’m so thrilled to be able to reveal the cover for Never Deceive a Viscount, the second book in my Infamous Lords Series.





Renee Ann Miller


I’m really pleased with it! And blue is my favorite color, so I love her gown!

Here’s the blurb.

Clearly, Emma Trafford’s new neighbor is a lady killer—but is the scoundrel with the scar capable of murder? Emma can barely contain her precocious younger sister, Lily—the child swears she spied their neighbor engaged in foul play in his Bloomsbury love nest. But when Lily goes too far searching for “evidence,” Emma must save the imp by distracting Simon—with an all-consuming kiss rife with danger and desire . . .

Simon Marlton, Viscount Adler doesn’t know which is more infuriating: that an anonymous intruder set his soul on fire and left a deep longing in her wake . . . or that during their encounter his signet ring, a token of his painful past, went missing. With the memory of a faint scent of paint spirits and the knowledge that his neighbor Emma is a portraitist, Simon sets out to capture his thief. He draws Emma into a flirtatious game, commissioning the talented lass to paint him—and enticing them both to reveal their whispered suspicions and deepest
secrets . . .

Thanks for stopping by.  Renee Ann XXOO



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Lots of Baby Koi

Koi pond

So this week hubby and I were looking at our pond, and we noticed a koi fry (baby fish). It was only about an inch and a half long. Worried it would become fish food for our larger koi, we scooped it out and put it in a separate container. Then we saw another one. And another. And another. By the time we finished, we’d removed over two dozen little koi.

Twelve have been adopted. Hubby thinks we need to build a bigger pond. Remembering all the work it was to build it, I think we need to find these little guys another home. Well, maybe we can keep a few. I have to admit, it’s fun watching them grow and change color.




Never Dare a Wicked Earl Cover Reveal

Last week on, I revealed the cover for my debut historical romance book, Never Dare a Wicked Earl.  I’m really thrilled with it. Hope you like it as much as I do. Never Dare a Wicked Earl

I also revealed the book trailer.